What To Expect

Classes are held once per week for 6-8 weeks and are taught on a cycle basis – every week will be a different class not all based around the same lessons.

The flow of every class will be set in a very fun and exciting -- stress free atmosphere. You are required to leave your drama at the home and come with a positive attitude ready to learn, focus take notes and have fun.

The basic class structure is as follows:

1. be present on or before time. If you are over 15 minutes late you will not be permitted to take the class and will have to report to your instructor to allow you to retake the class.

As we gather for each new class, you will be given a NEW and exciting "mini challenge". Each challenge will be designed to be fun, show your creativity and how you think on all the elements of fashion. This is to encourage you to go within yourself and begin to nurture your self confidence and to learn and gain experience.

2. The Main Runway Challenge.

This phase is designed to allow all students to embrace theoretical and practical exercises that will help develop their autonomy and self-confidence as a model you will be asked to complete challenges every weekend to get you used to the runway these will also be linked to your mini challenge which could be styling, posing, themed outfits etc etc.


Please note that only the students completing all classes, the final exam and the graduation will earn their credentials from Virtual Modeling Academy Academy. It is the sole discretion of the Academy owner(s) who graduates. If we do not feel you are prepared we will call you into a meeting for a discussion and set a plan of goals for you to complete in the area(s) we feel that you need to focus and work on.


Any Virtual Modeling Academy student who does not successfully pass the final evaluation will be invited to retake appointed class,on the date and time it is offered during the next program session. We will continue to work and provide the proper resources available to each student until they successfully pass the final evaluation.

Graduating the Virtual Modeling Academy will not necessarily result in an invitation to New York Modeling Agency; However, in the case that our Faculty and Dean unanimously agree that a graduate should be a member of New York Modeling Agency, an invitation will be extended.

All prospective students must:

1 Join the Virtual Modeling Academy group
2 Complete an application form (available above or from this information pack or contact Martin Glom directly)


Disclaimer: Virtual Modeling Academy and New York Modeling Agency are divisions of NYMA. We are not affiliated with any other organization, school or pageant’s. We reserve the right to change this notice at any time. We reserve the right to exclude anyone we deem inappropriate for our services. All general inquiries and questions should be sent to Martin Glom – CEO of New york Modeling Agency, Virtual Modeling Academy.

Good luck and may the best models walk!

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