Frequently Asked Questions

Please find on this page a number of Frequently Asked Questions, relating to our modeling academy and our standards, please note additional information will be added to this FAQ page as it arises.

Q: What are the Training Fee?

A: Nothing, Our organization does not earn profits for its owners, shareholders or volunteers. we rely on donations but its not mandatory that you donate but all of the money earned by or donated to our organization is used in pursuing the Virtual Modeling Academy's objectives and keeping it running, this means that we can inject any and all donations into better resources, like buying skins, shapes, etc etc for students who might not have the funds to buy them, pay sim tier and further hire and grow our school, this does not mean you won't get a dedicated education most think you don't get anything for free but you do we can guarantee a professional education and work within our agency at no cost to you.

Q: What can you teach me other academies cant?

A: Well truthfully all training is basically the same, when you pay for training in schools your paying for the experience of many instructors in many fields as our school is non for profit all our instructors teach on a voluntary basis, you will find the same experience found in other schools but because our instructors work on a voluntary basis  they don't need payment, also our course is designed to arm you with the skills to progress in the modeling world but that does not mean you cant sit other schools courses you might just learn something different too.

More coming soon got a question to ask us then ask us inworld and we will put it up here for others too

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