Mission Statement Objectives

Mission Statement

Matahari  Virtual Modeling Academy mission is to serve as a school to train models for the competitive world of second life modeling, our company has no share holders and does not earn profits for its owners or volunteers. All of the money earned by or donated to our organization is used in pursuing the Virtual Modeling Academy's objectives and keeping it running, this means that we can inject any and all donations into better resources, like buying skins, shapes, etc etc for students who might not have the funds to buy them, pay sim tier and further hire and grow our school, this does not mean you won't get a dedicated education most think you don't get anything for free but you do we can guarantee a professional education and work within our agency at no cost to you.


Matahari Virtual Modeling Academy is a sophisticated and professional academy with a mission to provide each student a successful modeling career by providing the proper skills, resources and knowledge needed to enter the competitive world of fashion.

We offer a comprehensive dedicated program with intuitive courses that are designed to accelerate the learning process with the guidance of a professional team of experts and experienced models, who will work together to ensure that each student receives a well-rounded, thorough, and meaningful education.

To provide those who might be less fortunate the education they deserve for no cost this means that all work within our company is voluntary and requires no payment or donation, although we appreciate donations its not mandatory or required.

Please Note

It is important from the moment that you decide to become a student in the Matahari  Virtual Modeling Academy that you understand that there are important principles which we expect you to follow. You will be expected to prepare yourself for some big challenges. Modeling is not just a shape, good skin, or beautiful clothing -- Modeling is attitude, performance, dedication, professionalism, punctuality, discipline, among other things. From the first day, you will be taught, and following your education, you will be required to adhere to many challenges to excel you in your modeling career.

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